Have you ever dated a sapiosexual?

When looking for a potential romantic partner, what qualities are at the top of your list: tall, dark and handsome? Owns a house or has a cute dog? Or perhaps you consider intelligence a highly important characteristic. Then take that one step further: intelligence is not just a tick box but the central pillar of what turns you on — in fact, you identify it as your sexual orientation. But is this really a thing? I want an incisive, inquisitive, insightful, irreverent mind.

6 People on What It’s Like to Be Sapiosexual

If you think of yourself as a sapiosexual, this is the dating app for you. Aptly dubbed ” Sapio ,” the app makes matches based on intelligence, and amongst other things, allows users to define themselves as sapiosexual , or someone who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature. Sapio, which calls itself “a dating app with depth,” wants to gives users “a fast and fun way to evaluate potential matches on both brains and looks.

When intelligent conversation plays cupid on a date Whether you are really a sapiosexual or better yet, are dating one, running a close eye.

An Urban term, Sapiosexual is a word for people who rather have a relationship with someone for their brain, or intellect, rather than their looks. A great benefit is that you have the opportunity to circle a month and day on each page. How often have you found an old notebook that you have written in but hadn’t dated an entry, leaving you wondering when you actually wrote that note? It would be ideal as a birthday, Christmas or any occasion gift and not forgetting a gift for yourself.

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Mark Ronson just sparked a discussion about being sapiosexual. What does that mean?

The music producer appeared on Good Morning Britain last week and said he identifies as sapiosexual. Mark Ronson is taking back his comments about identifying as sapiosexual. The music producer, who seemingly disclosed his sexual orientation last week , clarified his statements during a recent interview with Rolling Stone. Ronson, 44, claimed that his words were taken out of context and that he does not identify as sapiosexual.

The deejay also apologized for sending the wrong message to fans, noting that he should not have spoken without being properly educated on the topic. Though he admitted that he initially worried about his remarks, Ronson hoped that people would understand what he was trying to say.

Identifying as a sapiosexual, someone who’s attracted to intelligence, is a recent trend in dating. But is it all it seems to be?

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Or so they say. But sapiosexuals claim that their preferences go beyond that. They react to intelligence the same way others might to, say, chiseled abs. As is perhaps inevitable with a sexual identity that prizes intelligence above all, the concept has met with both ridicule and criticism from those see the concept as pretentious, or who worry that it disadvantages those with disabilities.

It could simply be a manifestation of an attraction to other characteristics, or perhaps simply an identity adopted by those who wish to see themselves a certain way.

7 signs that you’re dating a sapiosexual

Right, allow me to explain. They might still date her, though. After all, she did go to Oxford.

Sapiosexual and a BiG Heart: Intentional dating for people looking for intellect or genius in a person. Use these lined date pages as a notebook, a journal or a.

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With role models, such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg—whose technical and creative genius literally shaped the current landscapes of social interaction, public, and personal communication and the influx of technology—letting the inner geek and nerd shine is becoming cooler and cooler every day.

While my first thought was that this might be some trendy, new and possibly kinky type of sexuality, I quickly learned that the term sapiosexual is being used on dating and social media sites by people who identify themselves as intelligent or wise. The term sapiosexual, which is now mainstream on dating apps, such as OkCupid and Sapio, is putting a new twist on dating and takes a very different approach to partnership than the hook-ups and looks status quo.

As a relationship coach who works with many professionally successful clients with imaginative and strategic minds, I understand that it can be lonely at the top.

This Is What It Means to Be Sapiosexual Soon after, dating app Sapio launched, which claims to be the only dating app to “put intelligence at.

These six sapiosexuals set the record straight on what it means to get turned on by a big brain. Woman A: Sapiosexual is a way for me to label and understand myself and what I want in a romantic relationship. Woman B: I am attracted to people who are intellectually stimulating. There is nothing sexier than sitting on a stoop at 4 A. Woman C: To me, a sapiosexual is someone who values an intellectual approach to the world, is a critical thinker, and has an insatiable curiosity in life, whether it be in work or in play, and is attracted to the same in a partner.

Man A: Being sapiosexual means to me that it’s really hard for me to have one night stands because generally speaking, I’m not really sexually interested in someone until I’ve seen that ‘spark’ in their personality, regardless of their level of physical beauty. Man B: It means that my perception of someone’s intelligence is one of the most important factors in my attraction to them.


Was it their smile, their sense of humor, their style? The Daily Beast deemed it pretentious and a writer for the website Study Breaks called it arrogant. Yet, as more dictionaries acknowledge the word, the more legitimate sapiosexuals have become — arrogant or not.

“A sapiosexual is a relatively new word that describes a person who views intelligence as their biggest form of arousal with a partner. Intelligence and observing.

In the healthiest, happiest relationship, your connection goes far beyond physical attraction and sexual chemistry, and extends to qualities that arguably mean more in the long run than anything else. That is why so many people — and likely, yourself included — identify as a sapiosexual. Now before you raise an eyebrow to this funny-sounding term, chill out: Sapiosexuality is merely an attraction to intelligence, above anything else.

Having a firm understanding of sapiosexuality will not only make you better equipped to find what you’re looking for if you’re single, but it also helps you navigate and discover other, new ways to turn yourself on if you are already in a loving, committed relationship. Before you start imagining a sexy librarian in a work inappropriate outfit handing you a text book while she rattles off obscure facts, consider this: you do not have to be a brainiac or date one to be attracted to intelligence.

This also means that because communication and connection are of utmost importance to you, experts say that sapiosexual relationship tend to have a better chance of making it the long haul because the intimacy is on a whole other level that goes far beyond naked bodies. The great thing about this, as we know, is that looks fade, but a strong mind is lasting. Nikki Martinez.

You can certainly admire their IQ, but it is important for you to own that you have exceptional traits that contribute to the relationship as well. However, if you’re still not convinced this is how your body and mind truly function, let the pros predict some clear indicators that your orientation is sapiosexual. Then as you go to know her, suddenly, she becomes way more beautiful? This is a clear sign of being a sapiosexual,” Martinez explains.

They find that the person grows to be attractive the more they talk to and get to know them. This is because it is their mind, and not their physical attributes, that attract them.

Is Sapiosexuality a Real Thing?

Sapiosexuals are attracted to intelligence. My goodness, look at that silky, flowing dissertation on the galvanic conductivity of electrolytes. Date an intellectual for a lasting relationship. Have you ever found someone mind-blowingly hot but then lost the attraction after sleeping together?

So, if your date is encouraging you to analyse and think deeply about issues, you are surely dating a sapiosexual. That’s smart! Does your date.

In order to access website you need to accept our cookie policy. View cookie policy. Subscribe to Femina. Did the guy you are interested in ever tell you that he finds human brain to be the sexiest body part? If yes, you are in all probability dating a sapiosexual. If you are still unsure about what this term actually means, here’s a short and sweet definition – sapiosexuals get turned on not by any physical attribute, but by his or her partner’s intelligence.

So, how do you know you are indeed dating a sapiosexual? The relationship coach suggests reading the following signs: No petty conversation, please Sapiosexuals hate to engage in superficial conversations that revolve around what they deem to be mundane, everyday issues. Instead they insist on engaging in smart and deep convesations with the people they are falling for. So, if your date is encouraging you to analyse and think deeply about issues, you are surely dating a sapiosexual.

Sapiosexual: Pros and Cons of Chasing a Hot Piece of Intellect

They are accidental miracles with extraordinary human beings. If this has happened to you, you might be a sapiosexual. The Internet is a surprisingly barren place when it comes to information about sapiosexuals. I dare to disagree, since intelligence is not just about book smarts, but rather, emotional intelligence, curiosity and self-awareness, too.

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If you’re confused about sapiosexuality, you’re not alone. Here’s everything you need to know about being sapiosexual. People who are sapiosexual are physically and emotionally turned on by intelligence. Sapiosexuals think that intelligence is the most attractive trait and value it more than a potential partner’s looks or even personality.

If you find yourself most drawn to someone’s intellect, this is a very good sign you are sapiosexual. Sapiosexuals are not only drawn to a potential partner’s intellect—they are often physically turned on by intelligence. If political debates or long discussions about literature really get you in the mood for sex, this is another sign that you are sapiosexual.

For most sapiosexual people, it’s impossible to feel comfortable dating or getting intimate with someone before you’ve had a good, long cerebral chat. If you struggle to connect with a potential partner before chatting about their favorite books or political views, this is good sign you might be sapiosexual. Often, sapiosexuality can be confused with demisexuality, an orientation characterized by only experiencing sexual attraction to someone after making an emotional connection with them.

While there is some overlap between the two orientations, there is also a distinct difference.


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