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Benson Radiology requires full payment of your account on the day of your appointment. If your examination attracts a Medicare rebate, a portion of your full payment will then be rebated to you by Medicare. If you have any queries about your account, please speak with our reception staff on the day of your appointment, or contact our accounts department on Benson Radiology has Medicare Australia online claiming available at all clinics.

Your Medicare rebate can be paid directly into your bank account. The Medicare rebate will cover part of the fee charged for most examinations.

SUBGROUP 3 – SCAN OF HEAD AND NECK VESSELS – FOR SPECIFIED (a) their date of registration as a medical practitioner for the purposes of the Health instead charges a fee that is equal to the rebate for the Medicare service.

Upper abdominal scans encompass the liver, pancreas, kidneys, gallbladder, spleen and aorta. If your doctor has requested a scan of these structures, you will be required to fast. For adults, no food or liquid other than sips of water are permitted for 6 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time. Children are required to fast for 4 hours. An early morning appointment is recommended. Renal ultrasound scans assess the kidneys, bladder and prostate in men.

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The welfare of patients and staff is our first priority and we have policies and procedures in place to ensure their safety. As the current alerts are changing daily, some of our services may be impacted. Symptoms of COVID can include fever OR an acute respiratory infection, cough, sore throat, fatigue and shortness of breath, with or without a fever.

You may then claim back the relevant rebate from Medicare. Currently, private health insurers DO NOT cover any radiological procedures for out‐patients.

This website uses JavaScript to improve the user experience. The web browser you are use does not have JavaScript installed or is outdated. For the best browsing experience please open the website in a modern web browser with JavaScript installed, such as Google Chrome , Mozilla FireFox or Safari. The scan includes a disk or memory stick with your images along with a DVD of the entire scan.

You are welcome to bring up to 6 people to the scan to share in the excitement. It is essential that you have had a complete 20 week anomaly screen performed prior to arrival, and we ask that you bring the report with you. It is important to understand this is not a diagnostic scan and therefore there is no associated Medicare rebate or Radiologist report. Often performed for abdominal pain or discomfort, palpable mass or abnormal liver function tests. Involves a scan concentrating on the bladder, Prostate in males and the kidneys.

This scan is performed for urinary symptoms. This scan is performed on the abdomen and also usually as an internal ultrasound. This involves the insertion of a vaginal ultrasound probe to give better visualization of the Uterus and ovaries. A trans-vaginal Ultrasound is always performed with great care and effort to maintain patient comfort at all times. In patients where a trans-vaginal ultrasound is not wanted by either the patient or the referring doctor the examination is performed with a full bladder.

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Fees and Medicare Rebates Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging Fees We are a private billing practice and full payment of fees on the day of examination is appreciated. The fee charged will depend on the type of examination required, and whether or not you have any current concession cards. To allow us to provide this service we will need your Medicare card and an EFT card.

Rebates are normally in your bank account within 2 hours. Do you bulk bill any services? All pension concession card holders will be bulk billed for services provided, including cortisone injections.

FAQs – Fees & Billing Policy, Bulk-Billed & Medicare eligible services including MRI, [^Please refer to information specific to MRI Scans below] *Whilst every effort is made to keep our website up to date, please note that the eReferral Form · mrcconnect · Adult MRI – Medicare Rebate Items for GPs.

The exact combination of additional Medicare item numbers applied will vary on the day and on a case by case basis however the gap and primary item number will be the same. There is no concession rate for this service. If you are not eligible for Medicare your private health insurer may provide some rebates, we will provide you with a detailed receipt including attendance item numbers.

In this situation we will arrange a referral for surgical termination which will have an addition cost for which we are not liable. We also accept cash. If this is the case you may require further medication depending on how far progressed the pregnancy is , or referral for a surgical termination of pregnancy. There will be additional costs in this situation which TEPSS does not cover and for which you will be liable.

If you are a pension or health care card holder or currently in financial distress we may be able to assist with fees. Please discuss this further with our receptionists.


Frequently Asked Questions. When should I have my scan? Early pregnancy scans: these can be performed any time if there are concerning symptoms. It is best booked between 12 weeks 0 days and 12 weeks 6 days. It is best booked between 13 weeks 0 days and 14 weeks 6 days. Second trimester anatomy scan: this scan is best performed from at least 19 weeks 3 days.

Genetic counselling does not qualify for a Medicare rebate. Ultrasound If a scan is incomplete your will be advised to return for completion at a later date.

Many of our studies are Bulk Billed to Medicare. In these cases Medicare pays us a rebate to cover the cost. However, there are a number of scans, especially MRI and Ultrasound, where the Medicare rebate does not. All fees need to be paid on the day. Please clarify if there will be any ‘out of pocket’ fee when you make your booking. Pensioners and Health Care Card Holders.

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Medicare Rebate For PIP Breast Implant Scans Approved. Australian women with Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) breast implants will, as of Monday 12th March.

Our practice offers women a truly unique experience where you are made to feel comfortable, well looked after and not rushed. Please arrive a few minutes before your appointment to allow you to fill out concerns and a brief family medical history before we call you in for your scan. We kindly ask that all children are accompanied by another adult so that they can be responsible for your child during your scan and consultation.

Their help will prove invaluable to you if they are required to console an upset or bored child and take them out to reception or to see our pretty lavender bushes in our front garden. Please allow sufficient time for your scan. On average you can expect to be at our practice for 1 hour. Please switch off your mobile phone upon entry to the practice. Mobile phone calls are not permitted in the waiting room or in the examination room.

We are a private medical practice. We are located at 18 Main Road, Moonah. We charge a fee, some of which is refunded by medicare and some of which is not. We only accept card payments. We are a cash-less practice.

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Ultrasound provides useful information about the uterus, ovaries and baby that enables appropriate antenatal care. Fetal size and heart rate are checked at all stages of pregnancy, as well as the maternal uterus, ovaries and cervix. Pregnancy ultrasound is a non-invasive painless examination to assess fetal growth, position and anatomy, and placental site, as well as the maternal uterus and ovaries.

Ultrasound can detect many, but not all abnormalities.

Ultrasound dating scan assessment during your initial appointment If you are not eligible for Medicare your private health insurer may provide some rebates.

Online payments are accepted via Visa or MasterCard. A receipt will be sent to you the next business day. To pay online, please click on the Biller code that appears on your invoice the biller code appears next to the BPAY symbol at the bottom of the invoice. Contact your financial institution to register for BPAY. When paying by cheque, please complete the tear-off section at the bottom of your invoice and include it with your cheque in an envelope addressed to:.

We accept cash, cheque or credit card Visa or MasterCard only. Many imaging studies are partially covered by a Medicare rebate, meaning the rebate from Medicare is often less than the actual cost of providing the service. The gap payment is the difference between the fee of our services and the Medicare rebate. The size of the gap payment varies depending on the type and number of examinations, and the complexity. Additionally, for some examinations, there may not be a Medicare rebate at all.

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An ultrasound uses sound waves to form pictures of part of the body. A transducer the ultrasound probe moves over the skin producing and receiving the soundwaves. A special gel is applied to the skin to help transmit the sound waves. Please bring any previous ultrasound or X-ray images that are relevant to your examination. Your radiologist may use these for comparison. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment so that any paperwork can be completed.

Medicare rebate. Dating scan (MBS item. ) $ 85%. ($). First trimester 11 – 13 week scan – Nuchal Translucency. (MBS item ) $

If you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, you might be wondering what your care is going to cost. In Australia, Medicare can cover some or all of your expenses during your pregnancy and the birth of your baby. Medicare is a health insurance scheme funded by the Australian government. It provides you with access to certain types of medical care and hospital services.

All Australian residents are eligible for Medicare and so are certain categories of visitors to Australia. You can check your eligibility for Medicare at Services Australia. Contact Services Australia to find out how to enrol. If you have a Medicare card, your costs during pregnancy and birth will be subsidised by Medicare.

Your costs and what Medicare covers will depend on your choice of care and where you give birth. Medicare will also pay for 3 pregnancy support counselling sessions. Visit the Department of Health website for more information. After the birth of your baby, Medicare covers the costs if your baby needs special care. It also covers some or all of the costs of:. Your state or territory government may also help to pay some of the costs of services after the birth.

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